3D Models

EdgedSign adamantly concentrates on developing a quality visual content for its clients. Thus, focusing only on the main things, needed to create the greatest 3D models of any real-world objects: military and civilian vehicles, characters and life forms, environments and nature. These models are compatible with industry standards, wide range of platforms and fidelity levels.


The making of every 3D model, starts from exploring real-world prototypes. Our project-management collects data from as many sources as feasible, to ensure that all key details are gathered, so to guarantee a project’s success. Photos, text descriptions, technical specifications, dimensions, arms and any other possible modifications, depending on a type of the model, are taken into account. We are able to represent any real-world objects, providing you with the maximum fidelity.

Effective geometry

When our artists work with geometry, they rigorously use each polygon, to make a precise and optimal mesh. Our goal in low-poly modeling, is to attain the feeling of the high resolution to any ordered polycount. The geometry is always effective and clean, ensuring incredible productivity and appearance. And if that’s not enough, we are always able to provide you with any number of Level of Detail (LOD).

Photorealistic textures

We are spending hundreds of working hours, to develop the best ways for giving the maximum realism to our textures (both, hand-drawn & photorealistic). We are able to make any kinds of advanced textures (normal, specular, reflection and etc.) to exploit the power of the modern real-time visualization engines.

Articulation and animation

Any part of a vehicle or environmental objects, can be articulated with accurate pivots, axis and degrees of freedom. Keyframe, morphing or flipbook animation, could be provided as well. All of our character models, can be rigged and animated.

Project-depending features

In many cases we provide additional functionality to our 3D assets:

  • damage states
  • thermal signatures
  • attached parts
  • interactive interior
  • effects and sounds
  • physics

This list can be customized, please contact us for further information.


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